Didactic method “​SCALE COLOUR SYSTEM” – Alex Lofoco

ALEX LOFOCO – Endorser Laurus – www.alexlofoco.com

LINK – Scale Colour System

SCALE COLOUR SYSTEM is a unique and innovative way to study music that acts as a bridge between music theory and the mechanics of stringed instruments.

An intuitive system to map and memorize the notes, the scales and the shapes on the fingerboard to develop the precision and unlock your game.
The graphics and original illustrations are intuitive tools to visualize and memorize the symmetry of the fingerboard – a crucial aspect to master the instrument – and to learn the musical concepts by practical application.

Levels: from beginner to advanced. This systems aims at building a strong
comprehension of the musical theory and of its application on the instrument, to fulfill the lacks that might have came up during the previous studies and to give a different point of view to look at music.